Our Great Ambition For Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester will be the first City Region in Europe to make smoking history. We say Greater Manchester has had enough of the death, disease and misery caused by smoking.


We have almost 400,000 adult smokers


Two-thirds of smokers start before age 18


Every hour in Greater Manchester, another child starts to smoke

No other major global City Region has aimed to reduce smoking levels by this scale, or at this speed. It’s unprecedented. But together, we can do it. And when we do, we’ll all become History Makers.


4,500 people are dying of smoking-related diseases every year across Greater Manchester

That’s 13 people every day

1 in every 2 adult smokers will die as a result of smoking

What Can I Do?

Become a Local Champion and help Make Smoking History in your area

Get behind the Local Champion in the place where you live

Who Will Benefit?

Smokers who quit greatly reduce their risk of early death and ill health

Fewer parents smoking means fewer children starting

Less smoking in public places means cleaner, greener spaces for us all to enjoy

What Do We Know?

Children who live with smokers are 3 to 4 times more likely to become smokers

The annual cost of smoking to Greater Manchester is £785M

Stopping smoking is the single best thing a smoker can do for their health

Most smokers in our area want to quit

Our Vision Is For You to Make History

Our vision for Greater Manchester is for a tobacco-free future for all our children. Whether it is licensing tobacco so we stop people selling it to children, or helping pregnant women to stop smoking, we have started to put together an ambitious programme. But to shape it and make it work, we need to hear what you think.

The GMPOWER Is In Your Hands

A tobacco-free Greater Manchester is something we’ve all got a stake in. Based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) MPOWER model introduced in 2008 – it’s an approach designed to tackle the many-sided complexities involved in trying to reduce tobacco use.



Grow A Social Movement For Change – Towards A Tobacco-Free Greater Manchester

Our History Makers Survey involves thousands of local people taking part in a huge public conversation. Local champions, supported by local people, will use the conversation findings to create real change and help reduce the impact of smoking across their communities.


Monitor Tobacco Use And Prevention Policies

We want to make sure everything we do is shaped by you. Knowledge gathered from local people will help us to; improve our services, run effective campaigns warning about the dangers of smoking, and help guide our strategy to make smoking history.


Protect People From Tobacco Smoke

One thing is for sure. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke. From the popularity of the 2007 Smoke Free Regulations, we believe the way is open to extend our smoke-free environments much more widely across Greater Manchester – like parks, playgrounds and areas around schools.


Offer Help To Quit

The vast majority of smokers do want to quit – and 90% of those who try do it without any specialist help or intervention. However – the fact is, you’re much more likely to successfully quit long term when you’ve had the right information, support and advice. So a big part of this programme helps connect smokers with self-support channels.


Warn About The Dangers Of Tobacco

Targeted mass media and social marketing campaigns are effective ways of reaching out to large local population groups about the harmful effects of smoking. So we’ll be doing that and tying it in with local people, local shops, local environments and local issues.


Enforce Tobacco Regulation

We want to see a proper licensing system introduced. This will stop retailers selling tobacco if there is evidence of illicit or underage sales. There is also huge public interest in extending the success of smoke-free spaces; consider including the space outside hospitals, schools and nurseries, for example.


Raise The Real Price Of Tobacco

We need to keep up the pressure on illegal tobacco, whether it’s large-scale bulk smuggling or individuals bringing back cheap cigarettes to sell. And given the pressure that price can have on tobacco use – there’s a strong case for tobacco duty to be raised.


Want to be part of the Making Smoking History movement?

We are asking you to get involved, get your voice heard and become a local champion!

So don’t miss your opportunity to join us in tackling tobacco and become a local champion. This is your time to make a difference, your time to make history, your time to have your say…